Balloon Aloft Gold Coast Flight Video

Balloon Aloft Gold Coast Flight Video

Balloon Aloft Gold Coast Flight Video’s, provide you with a birds eye view of what to expect when Ballooning with Balloon Aloft Gold Coast. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to float gently with the winds, inside the comfort of a traditional hot air balloon wicker basket, that is attached to an enormous Balloon, ranging 7-10 stories high? Our Hot Air Balloons move gently with the wind, so you feel relaxed and comfortable as we glide above the spectacular landscape of the Gold Coast region below.

We recommend filming the setup and packdown process on your own device for viewing later when you return home. This process is a wonderful part of the Ballooning experience, and one we are proud to offer to our customers. Some Ballooning operations do not entitle you to see this, and it’s a great way to understand the full operation of a Hot Air Balloon.

Our Hot Air Balloon Video’s are a great way to see the experience, if you haven’t tried it yet yourself.

Checkout one of our Balloon Aloft Gold Coast Flight video’s, for a better understanding of how they operate.

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Experience a magical journey in a Hot Air Balloon over Brisbane or the Gold Coast.